sipping chocolate

sipping chocolate



This pouch contains Raw Love (78% cacao) chocolate flakes to simply whisk into hot water or milk to create rich sipping chocolate or a more "traditional" hot chocolate at home.  

Sipping Chocolate: To create two 3oz cups of thick, luscious chocolate to sip, eat with a spoon or paint on a loved one: Whisk entire contents of bag into 4oz of hot water.  

Hot Chocolate: 8oz of your favorite milk (we love unsweetened coconut milk) heated up and whisk in 3 tbsp Chocolate Flakes and more sweetener of choice to taste (we like to add 1 tbsp coconut sugar).  Enjoy! 

Net wt: 3oz

Ingredients: *=certified organic: Ecuadorian Cacao*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Vanilla Bean*, Sea Salt & LOVE

Nutritional Info: servings: varies depends on your recipe, this info is based on 1/2oz. of chocolate flakes.  Amount Per Serving: calories 85, fat 6g, sat. fat 3.8g, Trans fat 0g, sodium 19.8mg, carb 8.5g, fiber 4g, sugar 2.7g, protein 2.7g

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