Aprhrodite's Delights ~ Sold Out

Aprhrodite's Delights ~ Sold Out



Thanks for making these such a hit!  We will do our best to make another batch during the Holiday Season and will keep you posted via our VIP Club.  

Drunken Cherry Truffles... A tantalizing collaboration between Your Mother's Medicine & Lulu's Chocolate. 78% cacao cradles drunken cherries soaked in Alchemy of Love (ingredients below.) *contains honey.

*contains 2 Truffles , Net wt. 1oz

Raw, Organic Ingredients: Ecuadorian Cacao, Coconut Palm Sugar, Cherries, Alchemy of Love (Damiana, Rose, Schisandra, Muira Puama, Ginko, Raw Honey, Organic Grain-Free Cane Alcohol), Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt. 

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